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Our Foundation
Established in 2011, A Bit at a Time Coaching & Horsemanship started out as a small, independent riding school aimed at providing a more personalized experience for those looking to learn about horses without having to cope with the traditional large & busy riding school setting. As it evolved, the business began to head in a different direction, focusing more on the theme of horses helping people. 

 In 2013, A Bit at a Time Equine emerged to broaden the scope and add rescue/rehabilitation and therapeutic aspects to its strong coaching and horsemanship foundation.  

Founder Rachel Noonan brings 25 years of riding experience and almost 20 years of dedicated horse ownership to the industry and  has been involved with horses for most of her life. From summer camp counsellor and riding instructor to A-Circuit show groom, program facilitator and barn manager, Rachel has rarely worked in a role that did not involve horses in some way.  An educational background in the social services and unwavering compassion for animals naturally led her into the field of animal welfare and she is dedicated both personally and professionally to improving the lives of animals in need. 

Our Mission

  • To provide temporary or permanent sanctuary and rehabilitative services to horses in need

  • To educate the public about animal welfare and the plight of unwanted horses

  • To place sound, healthy horses into long term, knowledgeable homes

  • To provide a resource to those who can no longer keep their horses but want to ensure their safety and wellbeing

  • To connect people with horses in a way that fosters compassion, responsibility and education

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